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Jakarta-based PT Fabila Teknik Sejahtra, has bought Saab’s Seaeye Falcon remotely operated robot, declaring it superior to other brands.


PT Fabila’s marine and offshore undertakings include condition inspection and surveys throughout Indonesia.

The diving company will deploy the Falcon in their marine and offshore contracting services support across Indonesia.

“The Falcon’s performance is far better than other brands and is the clear choice of many other diving companies,” says PT Fabila director, Enif Widoyoko,

Important to Fabila is the Falcon’s reputation for mastering the challenge of strong currents and being “tougher” than competitive brands, Enif Widoyoko says.

He also finds that Saab has an advantage concerning support:

“Information such as the operating manual, wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guides are complete and comprehensible, spares are easy to order and their distributor, Unique, is easy to work with.”

As PT Fabila’s marine and offshore undertakings include condition inspection and surveys, their Falcon comes fully equipped for the tasks including a Tritech Gemini sonar, a cathodic potential probe kit, Cygnus ultrasonic thickness gauge and a rotary wire cleaning kit.

For diving companies, the Falcon plays a vital role by undertaking missions too hazardous for divers, such as where the depth of water and strength of current become dangerous for divers.

The Falcon can also improve diver safety and increase efficiency by pinpointing and examining locations of interest before sending down divers.

The world’s most successful robotic vehicle in its class, the Seaeye Falcon has a reliability record covering over a million hours underwater.

Just a metre in size, it is easily manhandled and its intelligent control architecture, combined with five powerful thrusters allows precise manoeuvrability in turbulent waters amongst complex structures, whilst loaded with various cameras, sensors and tooling typically found on much larger robotic vehicles.

The world’s most successful robot, the Seaeye Falcon, with a million hour underwater record, can work in strong currents at a wide range of both complex and hefty tasks whilst handling an array of tooling, sensors and skid configurations.

Saab Seaeye is world leader in electric underwater robotics.

PT Fabila Teknik Sejahtra is committed to advancing technology and services in the marine and offshore industry.


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