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We are the world leader in electric underwater robotic systems

For over 30 years our pioneering innovations have advanced underwater robotic technology and we continue to expand its potential responsibly and sustainably to reduce environmental impact.
Our manufacturing facilities are in the UK and we are part of the Saab Group. 
We serve a global market with representation in 23 countries around the world.
Trust is key to our success as our robots perform in the most hazardous environments on the planet. Our reputation for reliability, capability, service and support, extends throughout the life of our robots, wherever they are in the world.
altWorking all day and every night
altKeeping water flowing
altHarnessing the wind
Safeguarding services essential to life

Our systems are used to protect and maintain vital infrastructure and services that are essential to life.

Our robots are trusted to work tirelessly providing support underwater - inspecting supply lines, keeping tunnels clear, inspecting dams, carrying out construction work and monitoring the environment - to keep the lights on, the water flowing and to ensure important habitats are protected.

Eco-responsible robotics

Our electric systems have pioneered advances in underwater robotics - we reduce environmental impact at the design stage with miniaturisation and smart, power-efficient batteries making our robots half the size of equivalent machines with big energy savings.

Our new eWROV work class robot has been specifically designed for eco-efficiency and is fully autonomous and resident-ready, advancing the potential for long-distance control.

Eco-efficient for a sustainable future

Our iCON™ intelligent control architecture is a rugged and proven network of distributed devices and software that provide unparalleled real-time system control and feedback from the heart of every subsystem, maximising performance and reliability - and making it easier to adopt emerging technologies for a flexible and sustainable future.

altKeeping the lights on
altChecking pipes to prevent leaks
altCharging the car





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