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Code of Conduct




In today’s global environment, companies are an important part of the process of creating sustainability and enhancing ethical business conduct. Saab is very supportive of these efforts and participates actively in international associations to encourage this development.

For Saab, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of business, to care for the environment, to set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, and to always respect laws and regulations wherever we do business.

Saab is highly dependent on the international market, and also on gaining support from its domestic customers. To be successful there is a clear requirement that we are, and are perceived as, a reliable partner to our customers wherever they are. In the words of our Chairman, trust is the basis for our business.

We must also be able to recruit the best skills and resources available to maintain our position as a a world-class technology company on the international market. This can only be done if Saab is a company where sustainability and integrity are high on the agenda, a company of which we all feel proud to be a part.

Last but not the least we must ensure there are no doubts whatsoever among our shareholders and other stakeholders that we are setting, and working with, the highest standards in respect of business integrity and promotion of sustainable society.

The Code of Conduct sets out Saab’s ethical standards in a number of areas. All employees must be familiar with and live up to these standards. It is the top level of a framework, which also includes detailed policies and directives for those who are more directly affected than others in a specific area.

Every Saab employee, without exception, has a personal role to play in maintaining Saab’s reputation as a responsible company. I am committed to fostering a working environment where you feel that you can raise any issues, without fear of retaliation. This commitment shall be upheld by all levels of management.

We are what we do.



Håkan Buskhe President and CEO, Saab AB


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