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Seaeye eM1-7
Electric Manipulator

The world’s most advanced seven-function electric work class manipulator.

To fully realise the environmental and efficiency benefits of electric ROVs, Saab Seaeye has developed the eM1-7 electric manipulator, the world’s most advanced electric manipulator yet.

The Seaeye eM1-7 electric manipulator features an advanced control system allowing both manual and automated operation. Highly accurate, modular electric joints enable enhanced arm control, path planning solutions and actuator re-use. Lift capacity and range of motion exceed the eM1-7 manipulator's hydraulic equivalents, while its aluminium construction ensures high reliability.



Active power management

Active power management helps regulate demand and manages the regenerative power created with free-fall loads. Dual seven-function electric manipulator configurations provide maximum dexterity.

Significant advantages

The Seaeye eM1-7 offers significant advantages over hydraulic alternatives, including more precise positioning with force feedback, increased dexterity, lower water weight and greater reliability - expanding the potential for more autonomous and resident applications.

Increased automation

Advanced arm control comes from position and force feedback, repeatability and in-built intelligence.

Direct end effector control can be achieved when coupled with an intuitive human input device and an inverse kinematics system. Adding our advanced perception systems will lead to a blend of supervised and fully autonomous manipulation. These future control options will be backward compatible and available as upgrades to existing manipulators.

Subsea changeable tooling
Position and force feedback
Modular self-contained joints
Integrated compensations
Wrist camera option
Diagnostic power and status LEDs


Power and data interface
Interchangeable parallel and intermeshing jaw options

On-board processing for advanced kinematics







7 functions (6 degrees of freedom)

Maximum reach

1,990 mm

Lift capacity (full extension)

122 kg

Lift capacity (min. extension)

454 kg

Wrist torque

330 Nm

Weight (in water)

84 kg

Weight (in air)

116 kg


4,000 m (7,000 m option)




Compatible with a wide range of AC or DC voltages


Intelligent power management to regulate demand to available power. Maximum unregulated demand 4 kW


Ethernet 100 Mbit/s

Input device

Pendant master arm



Fully electric, mechanically braked



< 0.5 deg (nominal value, load dependent)

Shoulder movement

140 deg elevation / 360 deg azimuth

Elbow movement

240 deg

Wrist movement

180 deg elevation / 180 deg azimuth

Wrist rotation

360 deg unlimited 20 rpm (nominal value, load dependent)

Wrist rotate torque

330 Nm

Maximum powered jaw closing force

4,450 N

Jaw opening aperture

100 mm

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