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The latest addition to Saab Seaeye’s underwater portfolio, the eWROV is a full-sized Class III B ROV system. Electrification is the key to improved performance, and the eWROV takes electric underwater vehicle capabilities to the next level.


The goal of carbon neutrality is a growing focus among the global community, and the eWROV has been designed with eco-responsibility in mind. As well as being more efficient, electric systems use limited oil, making the eWROV significantly more environmentally friendly than equivalent hydraulic work-class systems.

Onshore Controlled

The eWROV has the in-built capability to be operated from onshore command and control centres.


A common technology ecosystem and intelligent architecture of configurable hardware and software modules, providing real-time system control and feedback.

Electric Manipulators

Dual 7 function robotic manipulators offering advanced control, more precise positioning, increased dexterity and greater reliability.

eWROV Overview
  • Requiring less maintenance than ever, the eWROV system is inherently reliable.
  • Electric thrusters are the key to electrifying WROVs; capable of generating 560 kgf, the eWROV’s power efficiency is far greater than hydraulic systems, with better acceleration, braking and reversal.
  • Conventional high-voltage AC power transmission systems result in large, heavy subsea transformers on the ROV and PDUs on the surface. State of the art DC power transmission system enables significantly smaller and lighter units, both topside and subsea. It also allows the use of smaller diameter umbilicals and existing client-owned umbilicals.
  • Electric manipulators are enablers for electrifying WROVs, and support the whole electrification ethos. They offer significant advantages over hydraulic alternatives, including more precise positioning with force feedback, increased dexterity, lower water weight and greater reliability – expanding the potential for more autonomous and resident applications. Featuring an advanced control system with an open interface, they allow both manual and automated operation. Highly accurate, modular electric joints enable enhanced arm control, path planning solutions and actuator re-use.
  • The intelligent control of nodes (iCON) system is the backbone of the system. Pioneered by Saab Seaeye, iCON is an intelligent architecture of configurable hardware and software modules for creating smart underwater robotic solutions. iCON’s modular network of distributed devices and software provides real-time system control and feedback from the heart of every subsystem, making it ideally suited to ever more remote and autonomous operations. A complete common technology ecosystem, operation, training and maintenance is made simpler and more efficient with the expandable and future-proof iCON.



Technical Specifications

Depth Rating (msw)

 3000 (5000 Option) 



Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight in air (kg)


Payload (kg)




Forward (kgf)


Lateral (kgf)


Vertical (kgf)


Speed (knots)




Power input phases


Voltage (VAC)




Frequency (Hz)


Battery Capacity (kWh)


Endurance (km@2kts)


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