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Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

Saab Seaeye offer a range of Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) featuring either an ‘A’ Frame or a crane mechanism. The LARS can be specified for safe area or Zone 2 area operations.

The LARS comprises the following:


  • Umbilical winch usually fitted with a level wind mechanism

  • Slip ring with sufficient passes for transmission of power and data

  • ‘A’ Frame or Crane mechanism for lifting and deployment of the ROV overboard

  • Sheave wheel for free movement of the umbilical cable with or without an optional lock latch or snubber rotator mechanism

  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that provides hydraulic power to the winch, ‘A’ frame and lock latch mechanism

  • Skid tie down plates for welding to the deck


‘A’ Frame LARS

Saab Seaye offer a range of ‘A’ frame LARS designed specifically to match your Seaeye ROV as well as being suitable for launching other manufacturers' vehicles. 

An ‘A’ Frame LARS incorporates a number of useful features:


  • Elevated ‘A’ frame pivot point to clear a 2 metre high ship's guard rail.

  • Compact integrated skid mounted ‘A’ frame, winch and HPU.

  • Forward located rams to provide clear side access to the ROV and TMS.

  • Stainless steel fittings, fastenings and pipe work to reduce corrosion.

  • No crane required for erecting the ‘A’ frame to reduce mobilisation time and cost.

  • Optional latch mechanism for safer deployment.

  • Zone 2 option.

  • Transit Crash frame to protect the winch and HPU (part of BS EN 12079 framework).

  • Compact stowed position for easier transport.

  • Designed to DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances.

  • A-Frame, winch and lock-latch (optional) designed i.a.w. Lloyds Register Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment.

  • LARS frame designed to BS EN 12079-1:2006 for Offshore Lifting.

Optional extras: 


  • ‘Go-Devil’ winch for running lock-latch (free-swimming configuration)

  • Snubber / Rotator

  • A-Frame light

  • Remote controls

  • Lebus groove drum core

  • Tarpaulin cover

Crane LARS

When deck space is limited, Saab Seaeye offers a crane-based LARS for the deployment of ROVs. The crane-based LARS incorporates a skid-mounted integrated winch, a power pack, and a marine crane. For transportation and shipping, the Articulated Crane folds and is locked in the stow position.

The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) comprises:


  • Skid base

  • Protection and lifting frame

  • Lifting slings

  • Articulated marine crane

  • Umbilical winch with level wind

  • Electro hydraulic power pack (HPU)

  • Umbilical sheave

  • Lock latch assembly with hand pump or remote hydraulic release mechanism (optional)

  • Rotary and Stationary Junction Boxes

  • Optional Zone 2 certification

  • Slip Ring

  • Designed to BS EN 12079 standards


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