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Intelligent Control

Our common technology ecosystem iCON™ is an intelligent architecture of configurable hardware and software modules for creating smart underwater robotic solutions.

Pioneered by Saab Seaeye, iCON’s modular network of distributed devices and software provides real time system control and feedback from the heart of every subsystem.

Its flexible modularity enables robotic solutions to be created more quickly and more confidently.

iCON is expandable and future ready for emerging technologies.



  • Flexible PC based human-machine interface using touchscreens, joysticks and switch panels

  • Simple power and data connectivity to all system devices

  • Flexible / upgradeable system architecture 

  • Detailed diagnostics and data logging from within system devices

  • Fault tolerant, automatically adapting in the event of device damage

  • Advanced six degrees of freedom control 

  • Remote Piloting

  • Vehicle control and real time video and sonar data from remote locations via 4G or satellite link

  • Step by step automated vehicle control for low bandwidth, high latency links


Navigation and Behaviours 

  • Advanced vehicle autopilots for heading, depth, pitch/roll and altitude

  • Station keeping, cruise, transit and stand-off control options 

  • Software interfaces for additional 3rd party sensors to augment vehicle navigation and control

  • Adaptive autonomous vehicle behaviours, using real-world data triggers 


Power Distribution

  • Remote controlled surface and subsea power supplies with power and isolation monitoring 

  • Fully switchable power outputs with programmable overcurrent, voltage and earth leakage

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