Developed to maximise the performance, reliability and maintainability of unmanned underwater vehicle systems, Saab Seaeye’s iCON™ robotics architecture is a rugged network of distributed devices and software that provides unparalleled real time system control and feedback from the heart of every subsystem.

In addition to employing iCON™ within Saab Seaeye's range of underwater vehicle systems, it enables a wide range of custom robotic solutions to be developed rapidly and reliably using a standardised set of proven iCON™ building blocks.


ROV/AUV Control 

  • Advanced six degrees of freedom control 

  • Flexible PC based human machine interface using touchscreens, joysticks and switch panels 

  • Simple power and data connectivity to all system devices 

  • Flexible / upgradeable system architecture 

  • Detailed diagnostics and data logging from within system devices 

  • Fault tolerant, automatically adapting in the event of device damage 

  • Remote Piloting

  • Vehicle control and real time video and sonar data from remote locations via 4G or Satellite link

  • Step by step automated vehicle control for low bandwidth, high latency links

Maintenance Management System 

  • Maintenance planning, scheduling and reporting 

  • Built-in graphical maintenance instructions with parts, tools, safety and skill requirements 

  • System assets, spares, tools and consumables inventory 

  • Web based remote access option 


Navigation and Behaviours 

  • Advanced vehicle autopilots for heading, depth, pitch/roll and altitude 

  • Station keeping, cruise, transit and standoff control options 

  • Software interfaces for additional 3rd party sensors to augment vehicle navigation and control 

  • Adaptive autonomous vehicle behaviours, using real-world data triggers 

Power Distribution 

  • Remote controlled surface and subsea power supplies with power and isolation monitoring 

  • Fully switchable power outputs with programmable overcurrent, voltage and earth leakage

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