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Our range of thrusters is the culmination of Saab Seaeye's proven brushless DC motor technology and impressive developments in magnetics and materials sciences.

Saab Seaeye’s thrusters are integrated into all manner of subsea applications from ROV, AUV and manned submarine propulsion to prime mover applications such as pumps and cleaning brushes. With simplicity and versatility in mind, the range of thrusters includes numerous innovative features that make them stand out from similar thrusters for performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. High efficiency and low weight is key to enabling vehicles that are themselves as compact and powerful as possible.

All Saab Seaeye thrusters incorporate:
  • Self-contained drive electronics within the thruster housing

  • Proven DC brushless motor technology

  • Telemetry or pwm control 

  • Rapid response and reversal rate

  • Fouled propeller detector and reset circuitry

  • Under voltage protection of the electronics

  • Integral pressure compensation


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LED Lamps

Saab Seaeye has a range of advanced, compact LED lamps designed to complement our successful ROVs.

Made from 6082 grade aluminium, the lights are designed and manufactured to operate in the toughest conditions. With low power consumption (34-40 W), light weight, high brightness (3520 lumens) and a long life, these lights are ideal for the subsea environment. With a depth rating of 3000 msw, these lights are made to fit a variety of vehicles and are compatible with existing Saab Seaeye vehicles in the field.

Saab Seaeye LED lamps benefits:
  • Low power (34-40 W)

  • Light weight

  • High brightness (3520 lumens)

  • Long life

  • Depth rating 3000 msw (options to 6000 msw)

  • Compatible with all existing Saab Seaeye vehicles

Pan and Tilt Unit

The compact and robust Pan and Tilt Units (PT35N and PT35N-C2) are designed for the harsh subsea environment.

Ideal for ROV camera / light platforms and multi-beam sonars, the units are rated to 3000m. The side entry lid provides easy access for maintenance and inspection. The Pan and Tilt incorporates common units for both the pan and tilt functions, making the units easier for maintenance and fault finding. 24 VDC brushless motors drive harmonic gear modules to provide a high output torque, combined with precise control and positional feedback in a compact design. Control is via RS485 (PT35N) or Castle 2 Protocol (PT35N-C2). The housing is oil filled with an integral compensator and includes a low oil level alarm.

Pan and Tilt benefits:
  • Brushless motors proving high output torque

  • Zero backlash gearboxes with over torque slip capability

  • Precise control and positional feedback

  • Control via RS485 or Castle 2 Protocol

  • Robust hard-anodised aluminium body construction 

  • Easy access for maintenance and inspection


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Metal Shell Connectors

As part of ongoing development and ROV support, Saab Seaeye have developed a comprehensive range of connectors and cable whips specially designed for prolonged use in deep ocean environments to 5000 metres and more.

Our connector receptacle shells, plug and mounting threads are made of high strength stainless steel and are corrosion resistant to salt spray, sea water, sand, mud, mineralised or demineralised water and hydrocarbons etc.

Watertightness and depth pressure rating have been given high priority during the design of the connectors and cable whips to ensure customer confidence in our product and improve the reliability of underwater systems that utilise them.

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