The electric work vehicle with added tooling power and payload. 

The Jaguar is a powerful electric work class vehicle featuring Saab Seaeye's iCON™ intelligent control system.

The Jaguar is capable of operating at depths of 3000m With this depth range and its extensive tooling capability, the Jaguar is capable of working in a wide range of subsea work applications.



With Saab Seaeye's iCON intelligent control system, the Jaguar is smart and capable.

Built-in redundancy

Designed with a dual power supply and two electronics pods, the Jaguar is effectively two vehicles in one providing total system redundancy.


Designed for work at depths of 3000m and fitted with a wide range of heavy duty tooling options.

Jaguar Overview
  • The Jaguar power supplies are fitted into three floor-standing 19 inch racks and output the dual power supplies for the ROV, power for tooling options and power for the optional TMS. 

  • Pilot Control Units include touch screens running the graphical user interface (GUI) for vehicle control, configuration and system diagnostic, Flight screen monitors that display data and video, which are transmitted via Fibre Optic multiplexers, surface control units for remote control of the PSUs, and a hand control unit for ROV. 

  • Additional surface equipment options include TMS foot pedals for the optional TMS, hand control units for tooling options, and video recording options. 

  • Available as a free swimming ROV or in conjunction with a Type 10 Tether Management System (TMS) for depths up to 3000 m.

  • ROV rated to 3000m fitted with four horizontal SM8 thrusters and four vertical SM7 thrusters supplied with 500 Volts DC, two transformers, two electronics pods with fibre optic multiplexers, six LED lights on three channels, cameras, a depth sensor, and a compass pod with integrated Magneto-resistive compass, accelerometers and gyros with pitch and roll outputs for vehicle auto heading and auto depth. Auto altitude is available as an option when an altimeter is fitted.


Technical Specifications

Depth Rating (msw)




Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight in air (kg)


Payload (kg)




Forward (kgf)


Laterial (kgf)


Vertical (kgf)


Speed (knots)




Power input phases


Voltage (VAC)




Frequency (Hz)


Battery Capacity (kWh)


Endurance (Hour)


Options, Tools and Accessories

Altimeter used to measure the altitude of vehicle above sea floor. Auto altitude option available. (PA200)

Bathymetric System

Bathymetric system with depth sensor and altimeter. Ethernet options available.

Scanning Sonar

Scanning Sonar options with an integration kit and surface equipment.

Multibeam Sonar

Multibeam Sonar options with an integration kit and surface equipment. Ethernet options available for fibre optic vehicles.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic thickness gauge to determine the level of corrosion present in a structure.


Laser options for video survey.


Battery-operated, Xenon emergency strobe used to locate vehicle. (ST6K)

Video Recording System

Control cabin options include video recording unit, video matrix switcher, communications system and high-back pilot seat.

Jaguar TMS PSU

Additional three-phase power supply unit used for TMS equipped systems.

Jaguar Tooling PSU

Additional three-phase power supply unit providing 3000 V at 50/60 Hz for hydraulic tooling options.

Rotary Cutter 6 Inch

Rotary Cutter for hoses and cables up to 6 inches thick.

HD Colour Zoom Camera

High Definition Colour Zoom camera for vehicle. (OE14-366)

HD Camera

High Definition (HD) camera for vehicle. (OE14-502)

CP Probe

Cathode Potential Probe with either contact or proximity probe options available.

Sonardyne Acoustic Beacon

Complete acoustic tracking system used to calculate the position of the ROV with a fitted acoustic beacon.

Jaguar Schilling Manipulator

Schilling Orion 7P and 4R manipulator arm options with hydraulic system including 4.5kW HPU, valve pack, and a compensator. Camera option for manipulator available.

Jaguar HPU Skid

Hydraulic system for further tooling systems including 20kW, 3-phase 3000 V HPU, valve pack, and a compensator.

Dredge Pump

Dredge pump.

SM7 Cleaning Brush

Cleaning brush incorporating a heavy duty brush plus an SM7 thruster motor.

Pipe Survey With Teledyne 440

Pipeline survey skid fitted with TSS 440 pipe detection system and either a three or four-function camera boom arms. Various camera and LED light options available.


High resolution colour or monochrome cameras fitted to either the front of the vehicle on tilt platform or on bracket at rear of vehicle. (CAM04)

HLK-33900 Cutter

Compact cutter capable of cutting 38 mm diameter steel wire rope. Includes an intensifier and requires a 4kW HPU.

Deployment Systems & Control Cabins

Tether Management System (TMS) Type 10 with 500m capacity for a 22mm diameter single mode, fibre optic tether for the deployment and protection of the ROV at working depth. Height is adjustable to accommodate an ROV fitted with a tooling skid. Options include up to two cameras and two lights.

Jaguar LARS

A-Frame Safe Area Launch and Recovery System (LARS) with varying winch capacities. A Zone II upgrade option is available.

Split Cabin

Safe Area 20ft split Control Cabin with a Pilot Control section and a separate high voltage PSU section. Fitted with electric power distribution panels, lighting, air conditioning, heating and 19 inch racks. An optional installed escape hatch is available as is a Zone II upgrade.


Additional cabin options include: 10 ft standalone workshop.

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