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Saab Seaeye is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric underwater robotic systems.

Founded in 1986 our elite technological environment continues to inspire pioneering technology that leads the industry with innovative solutions trusted to perform complex tasks in the most hostile environments on the planet.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Saab, we have facilities in the UK, Sweden and the USA, along with substantial water tank and lake test facilities.

Over 80% of our systems are exported to markets that span the globe where we are represented in 25 countries.

Many different market sectors deploy our robotic systems in a vast array of demanding tasks in situations where our vehicles work tirelessly for extended periods in the most challenging conditions.

Key to our success is the reliability of our systems and the renowned support and service we offer our customers in helping find solutions to their special requirements — and afterwards being available for every moment of every day throughout the life of their vehicle, wherever it is in the world.

In a future that is electric we lead with cutting edge developments that will continue to expand the potential for electric underwater robotic systems where advances in intelligent control and miniaturisation are already creating systems that are smaller, smarter, lighter, more agile and more powerful.

More about us

Pioneering innovations and technological developments

Brushless DC thrusters, polypropylene chassis, carbon fibre pressure vessels, high frequency power distribution, iCON distributed intelligence, fault-tolerant control systems with self-diagnostics, and remote satellite control.

Sectors we serve

Oil and gas, renewable energy, hydro and civil engineering, marine science, aquaculture, nuclear engineering, telecoms, security and emergency, salvage, seabed mining, leisure and defence.

System resources

Custom and proprietary tooling and sensors include cameras, sonars, manipulators, survey and inspection sensors, cutters, tracking systems, torque tools and cleaning tools — together with Tether Management Systems, Launch and Recovery Systems and control cabins.

Tasks performed

Observation, inspection, repair and maintenance, diver support, survey, light construction and intervention, drill support, salvage support, deep tunnel and dam inspection, security, search and rescue operations, UXO clearance, decommissioning, marine archaeology and environmental monitoring.

Technology profile

Systems come in various sizes, power and tasking options, from man-portable inspection to deep-rated work systems, and from tethered and autonomous vehicles to remote resident robotics. Our iCON intelligent control architecture accelerates system development, provides customers with easier operation and training, simpler repair and maintenance, easier upgrades and lower real through-life cost. Whilst under operation iCON effectively ‘thinks for itself’, leaving the operator free to concentrate on the task at hand.

Saab Seaeye is certified by DNV GL to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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