The intelligent AUV/ROV hybrid. 

The Sabertooth is a hybrid AUV/ROV capable of working in deep water either as an autonomous vehicle, or a remote vehicle via a tether. The vehicle power, tether-free operation and its 360° hovering manoeuvrability make the Sabertooth an ideal option for autonomous inspection, or maintenance and repair tasks as well as for offshore survey work. 

The Sabertooth is available as a single hull or as a double hull vehicle capable of operating at depths of 1200 m or up to 3000 m for the double hull vehicle. The vehicle is powered by long-range batteries that can be recharged via the cable, on deck, or at a subsea docking station. The vehicle can reside in the docking station for more than six months without maintenance, thereby eliminating the cost of surface vessels. The docking station also allows for data exchange.



A hybrid vehicle that can work over a long excursion range either autonomously or manually via a tether. The Sabertooth can reside in an underwater docking station where its batteries are recharged and data can be transmitted to and from the surface. 

360° Manoeuvrability

A powerful vehicle with six thrusters and a number of advanced autopilot features provide the vehicle six degrees of freedom, station keeping and obstacle avoidance.


A range of tooling and sensor packages are available for the Sabertooth vehicles. These tooling packages can also be stored in the underwater docking station.

Sabertooth Overview
  • The surface equipment for the Sabertooth includes a surface control unit comprising a computer with the graphical interface software displayed on a monitor and a fibre optic receiver for communication between the surface and a tethered vehicle. 

  • Additional operator equipment includes a keyboard and mouse.

  • A WLAN Access Point with an antenna is used when the vehicle is in autonomous mode. 

  • A battery charger fitted in a mobile case can recharge the vehicle at the surface. The unit provides a charging power of 3.3 kW (lower power when the input voltage is below 200 VAC) with an input power of 100-264 VAC (single phase). 

  • An automated tension control winch is used in conjunction with a tether when working in manual mode.

  • The operator's monitor runs the graphical user interface (GUI) for vehicle power and control, system diagnostics including remote access for technical support, create mission plans, and display data and video transmitted via the Fibre Optic receiver and tether for manual mode or via the WLAN antenna for autonomous mode. 

  • The Sabertooth vehicles are rated to a depth of 1200 m. The Double Hull version also has a 3000 m depth rated option. Both vehicles are fitted with six thrusters; four SM4s and two SM9s on the Single Hull whereas there are six SM9s on the Double Hull. 

  • The vehicles are fitted with an electronics pod with a Phins INS incorporated, LED lights, cameras, a depth sensor, sonar options, a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), a Sound Velocity Profiler (SVP) and a communication unit.

  • Advanced autopilot features are heading, depth, pitch, roll, stabilisation, altitude, station keeping, vector transition, obstacle avoidance and sonar target tracking.


Technical Specifications
Sabertooth Single Hull

Depth Rating (msw)




Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight in air (kg)


Payload (kg)




Forward (kgf)


Laterial (kgf)


Vertical (kgf)


Speed (knots)




Power input phases


Voltage (VAC)




Frequency (Hz)


Battery Capacity (kWh)


Endurance (Hour)

 >8 hrs 

Options, Tools and Accessories
HLK-HD5 Manipulator Arm

Hydro-Lek 5 function manipulator.

Syrinx DVL

Doppler Velocity Log used for Station Keeping.

Sonardyne Acoustic Navigation

Acoustic navigation and communications instrument options.


Battery-operated, Xenon emergency strobe used to locate the ROV.

881L Sonar

Profiling Sonar options used for obstacle avoidance during autonomous operations.

EdgeTech Bathymetric System

Bathymetric system for side scan imagery, sub-bottom profiles and bathymetric data.

Explorer Pro

Low light camera options available.


High resolution colour or monochrome cameras fitted to the ROV.

SM7 Cleaning Brush

Cleaning brush incorporating a heavy duty brush plus an SM7 thruster motor.

Deployment Systems & Control Cabins
ATC Winch

Winch options available including automatic tension control for the fibre optic winch.

Sabertooth Docking Station

Underwater docking station rated to a depth of 3000 m providing a battery recharging facility and protection for the vehicle for over six months.


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