The professional portable underwater vehicle.

Falcon-DR is the most successful underwater electric robotic system of its class and is proven in numerous intricate and demanding missions. 

Lightweight and portable for easy deployment, the highly versatile Falcon-DR is rated to a depth of 1000m.

The Falcon-DR is equipped with the advanced iCON™ intelligent control software providing improved vehicle control and diagnostic data as well as the ability to customise the pilot display and enable features such as station keeping.



Five powerful thrusters provide precision movement and maintain a stable platform in strong currents and turbulent waters.

Easy to Use 

Uses touch screen and joystick controls with user-friendly configuration and diagnostic features.


Lightweight and easy to transport with a quick setup for rapid deployment.

Falcon-DR Overview
  • Surface Equipment contained in a single flight case.

  • Includes a power supply unit, hand control unit, touch screen monitor, and wireless keyboard.

  • Provides power and telemetry control through customisable screen layouts.

  • Fibre Optic or Twisted Pair options for data and video transmission.

  • Optional hand power cable spools and electric winches for vehicle deployment.

  • Standard (300m) or deep-rated (1000m) ROV fitted with five thrusters, vehicle junction box, two LED lights, high resolution colour camera and a navigation pod providing vehicle auto depth and auto heading.

  • Requires a single phase 110/230 VAC supply.


Technical Specifications

Depth Rating (msw)




Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight in air (kg)


Payload (kg)




Forward (kgf)


Laterial (kgf)


Vertical (kgf)


Speed (knots)




Power input phases


Voltage (VAC)




Frequency (Hz)


Battery Capacity (kWh)


Endurance (Hour)


Options, Tools and Accessories
Cygnus Gauge

Complete Cygnus ultrasonic thickness system available to determine the level of corrosion present in a structure.

AAE Track System

Complete acoustic tracking system used to calculate the position of the ROV with a fitted acoustic beacon.

Nortek DVL

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) used for the Station Keeping option.

Falcon Manipulator Skid

Five-function manipulator system fitted with a rugged arm capable of lifting 10 kg at full reach. Manipulator system is fitted below the ROV and is controlled by a dedicated hand control unit.


Single-function gripstick manipulator system for grasping objects. Includes a cutter capable of cutting a 15 mm diameter rope. An oil compensator option is available for the 1000 m system.

Mini Cutter

Cutter system available of cutting a 10mm diameter stainless steel wire rope. The cutter is fitted on a skid below the vehicle.

Falcon Cleaning Brush

Cleaning brush incorporating a brush plus an SI-MCT motor for spot cleaning.


Control cabin options include EdgeDVR video recording unit, Video Matrix Switcher, Communications system, and a high-back pilot seat.

Ocean Laser

Laser options for video survey.

CP Probe

Cathode Potential Probe with either contact or proximity probe options available.


High resolution colour or monochrome cameras fitted to either the front of the ROV on the Tilt platform or on a bracket at the rear of the ROV.


High Definition (HD) cameras available for the ROV.


Altimeter used to measure the altitude of the ROV above the sea floor. Auto Altitude option available.


Scanning Sonar options with an integration kit and surface equipment.

BlueView Sonar

Multibeam Sonar options with an integration kit and surface equipment. Ethernet options available for fibre optic vehicles.

Deployment Systems & Control Cabins
Mk6 Winch

Electric Winch with variable speed and directional control. The winch has a capacity of 1,100m of 14mm diameter umbilical.

Mk8 Winch

Electric Winch with variable speed electric drive. The winch has a capacity of 1,100m for a 14mm diameter umbilical.

Hand Winch

Hand-operated cable storage spool with a slip ring and a drum capacity of 450m for a 14mm diameter umbilical cable. Used for twisted pair Falcons.

Falcon Lock Latch

Quick release launch and recovery device that fits around the umbilical and reduces the risk of damage during the launch and recovery process. The latch is fitted with a 20m chord pull string to release the catch.


Flightcases for easy transport of the ROV, surface equipment and options.


Jean-Baptiste Loiselet
ROV Operations Manager

‘In thousands of hours of dive time, Saab Seaeye thruster technology has proved to be the most reliable in the ROV world.’


Fabio Bartolotti

‘The Falcon worked every day of the (Concordia) salvage operation, spending over 1000 hours in the water.’


Stan Jackson

‘We wanted something not too expensive but could handle the technology, work in confined spaces and get going quickly.’


Dr David Gruber

‘Its creative design means we can push the limits.’

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